Se habla espanol!

Se habla espanol!

What a blessing our Belinda is! As our Center Director, she has a plethora of duties to begin with. As a native Spanish speaker, she’s taken on additional service to our Hispanic community.

Most of our literature and many of our Earn While You Learn study guides are now available in Spanish. We have a lively and active English as a Second Language class going on. Improving language skills empowers our clients to integrate into the community, schools and neighborhoods as they develop parenting techniques and earn supplies to care for their families.

"Our learners' main goal is to be able to communicate with their children's teachers at school and along the way they are learning expressions for everyday life,” Belinda comments. “For example we've been working on how to politely ask to speak to someone when calling an office or placing an order over the phone. More and more they come to class asking: How do you say...? This shows how English is becoming part of the way they think!"

We estimate that 15% (and increasing!) of our clients are Hispanic, most with limited English language ability. Many local non-profits servicing our community don’t have the talent or resources to offer bi-lingual communications, so we believe we are filling a vital service opportunity. We are working closely with the Adult Literacy Program at the Manitowoc Public Library and appreciate the training and materials they have provided.

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