Our Annual Fundraiser blessed us in many ways.

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to those who attended and gave generously and to those who, unable to attend, still gave generously. We are gratified by your support and thank you on behalf of our many clients who benefit from your gifts.

Were you unable to attend? Go to our “GIVE” page and make a gift to our ministry now.

Dan Allender, our speaker, brought focus, clarification and inspiration to our audience – but especially to our staff and volunteers. His comments about Hosea’s faithfulness to an unfaithful wife reminds us of God’s unconditional, boundless love.

Pastor Chris Gilbert brought our call to action forward, inviting guests to contribute, consider and commit to the Crossing.

One attendee who sent his gift in advance of the evening told us that the program was so compelling that he felt called to give an additional gift. How the Lord works!

Remember, a gift of any size can make a difference in our community:

$25.00 buys a can of formula

$110 funds supplies for a pregnancy test with early prenatal education

$245 supports an ultrasound -- 93% of women who view their unborn child on ultrasound choose life

$520 funds the purchase of current and relevant educational programs for parents.