Our Concerns About Prom Night

At The Crossing of Manitowoc County, we are very concerned with promoting healthy relationships. Prom time seems to present particular risks for teens.  Our poster and outreach programs are intended to raise awareness of some of the potential risky behaviors often attached to prom night.  We hope that these posters will remind and encourage teens to embrace healthy responsible behaviors so that prom will be a “night to remember not a night to regret.”

Our goal is to prepare teens for the situations they might be facing and prompt them to consider in advance how they plan to respond. Many kids report that they simply followed the crowd during the evening and ended up in uncomfortable situations – drinking, drugs, hotel rooms, sexual encounters – where they felt they didn’t have the opportunity to make a considered choice about what to do, or not. As a result, many prom nights result in regrettable situations, for both genders. Our intention is to help teens prepare for this. And we’re here to help after the fact, too. 

The Crossing offers counseling and educational programs for women and men facing unexpected pregnancy. We offer a series of classroom programs presented in area middle and high schools with lively discussions about dating and relationships. Our educational Earn While You Learn Program gives parents the opportunity to develop parenting skills; participation earns “dollars” that can be redeemed for baby supplies and clothing. Our Clinic provides free pregnancy verification and limited ultrasound exams.

We are a non-profit, Christian- based organization.  Our mission is to offer life-affirming help to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies, to provide services that will strengthen families – teen parents as well as other families in need of support.