DIAPERS! DIAPERS! Needed everywhere!

We have such great community partners. We couldn’t keep our pantry supplied without them. Just about the time we get concerned that we’re down to our last couple packages of size 3’s or almost out of wipes, someone pulls up and unloads a trunk full of products for us.

Many of our church partners plan annual diaper drives. Sometimes an organization or business collects contributions for us at an event. Thoughtful friends ask for diapers instead of gifts at birthday parties. Then there are our “angels” who respond to an impromptu social media plea for size 3’s.


We are blessed by all of these resources.


In an average month, we distribute over 2100 diapers through our Earn While You Learn Program. This program helps prepare current and expecting parents with educational videos about prenatal development, infant health, parenting techniques and life skills. Participation earns “dollars” that can be redeemed for baby supplies and clothing from our Boutique and Pantry. 


Program Director Kris Annie Jacobs emphasizes, “We believe in empowering parents to care for their families themselves. This program is designed to support and develop, as well as aid families in need.”

Can you donate diapers or run a diaper drive? Call us for more information. 920.973.4357