COUNSELING. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Having a baby is about the most difficult job in the world. No one can do it alone.

Our clients come to us in tremendous need. Here’s one story….

 Recently, I lost my baby boy to foster care, but I am still meeting with my counselor, working to make the changes necessary to become the mother I want to be.  Together with my counselor and other agencies I am setting goals and taking steps that will make my heart’s dream come true. The Crossing has helped me to gain confidence in myself, knowing that I am valuable as a person and am able to become the wonderful mother I want to be.  The Crossing is the quiet place I can go when things are overwhelming, to have someone listen and help me get things on track, whether in my relationships or working on parenting and planning for a better future.

Managing pregnancy and preparing to raise a family brings great joy – along with an overwhelming sense of responsibility. We are relieved that we can offer our community these free services – for the need is very great. You will be a better parent if you feel stable and healthy yourself.

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