Have you seen our Boutique and Pantry?

Merchandise is flying out of our Boutique and Pantry! Baby clothes, toys and accessories, diapers, formula are “earned” by clients doing their best to provide for their families.

Downtown shoppers are attracted to our lively and inviting storefront. Browsers often walk in asking to shop. However our Boutique is strictly for our clients. Participating in our Earn While You Learn Program, they “earn” a shopping allowance by sharing in group discussions, watching videos about pregnancy and baby care or reading and commenting on website articles. Our programs are structured to enable parents to provide for their families while they develop healthy parenting and life skills.

We are grateful for our community’s donations. Gifts significantly defray our limited budget for supplies. During these challenging economic times, our client base has expanded significantly as has the need for the materials we provide.

Each month we disseminate over 2100 diapers. Our supplies are a lifeline to many needy families. But, more important are the parenting skills acquired through our associated programs. Our clients say….

…. The Earn While You Learn Program makes me feel really good about myself because as I learn to become a better parent I am able to provide for my children through The Crossing Boutique. 

…. The Earn While You Learn program made it possible for me to stay in school, because I could get diapers and wipes and clothes for my child through boutique rewards.

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