Navigating relationships – tough on teens

This is a confusing, if not harrowing, life stage for teens and their families. Media influences propel kids into a sexualized, hook-up culture. Relationships have devolved to tweet, text and snapchat blips. Family communications struggle. So does education.

We’re trying to help with compelling, practical middle school programs. And here’s what some of our teens are saying:

“This definitely makes me think twice about my decisions (relationships). I will continue to keep my own boundaries!”

"Now I see the consequences of sex and having it without being married. I really hope to take that advice throughout my life."

 "I think many of my relationships may actually be toxic, even if I can't see it or analyze it."

“I now know that sex can be a dangerous choice. I know how to avoid sex and sexual activity wherever I am. I know how to say NO! I want people to know about this. Everyone needs to know this so they don't screw up their life."

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