No worries! Get free STI/STD testing at The Crossing Clinic.

Have you wondered about sexually transmitted infections/diseases (STI/STD)? You probably should. Local clinics report increasing numbers of infections.

The good news is testing has gotten easier. Now it’s a simple urine test. Testing services at The Crossing are free, confidential and non-judgemental.

All STIs are treatable. Most are curable. Regular testing and early diagnosis are really important.

Who should be tested? Anyone who’s sexually active and especially those with multiple partners. Since you’ll often experience no symptoms, you should be tested regularly. Otherwise, you could be a carrier without knowing it.

What’s the test like? It’s a simple pee-in-the-cup urine test. We’ll ask only a few questions about your sexual history and whether you have any current symptoms.

What happens if I have an STI? We can refer you for appropriate treatment.

What if I don’t get treatment? Advanced infections can be serious. They are more difficult to treat and could affect your future plans for a family. Don’t risk it – plan to get tested.

How do I make an appointment? Call The Crossing Medical Clinic at 920.973.4346.