Bullying – what can you do?

Bullying – what can you do?

It can be an adolescent and teen nightmare. At The Crossing, we’ve been trying to help.

The Crossing has been teaching Real Essentials at Southfield Townhouses since September one time a week. We have 16 eight to twelve year old girls participating. These girls noticed bullying happening as they were walking home from school and it was escalating.

One of the girls presented her class with a bullying box where bullying can be reported anonymously. We are now considering a “kind words” box to overcome the effects of bullying.

The school guidance counselor has taken this seriously and  is now escorting the walkers home from school between Monroe and Southfield daily. The kids are feeling safer as we work toward respecting and trusting authority and realizing adults can be our safety nets to trust and talk to.

Are you concerned about kids' healthy relationships? Call us and talk to Kris Annie about programs that might help.