Protecting Children

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

 Most of us, blessed with caring families and functional relationships, likely feel we have a sound understanding of appropriate care for our children. However, this isn't always the case in our community, particularly in families stressed with unexpected pregnancy or lacking resources to properly care for their families.

April 1 – Hands Around The Courthouse

Designating a "Child Abuse Prevention Month" creates an opportunity to raise awareness of what constitutes child abuse -- and many are surprised or unaware of the definition or actions that are considered abuse or neglect. Lakeshore CAP promotes attention to this community issue with the annual "Hands Around the Courthouse" event April 1st. Check out the event and their website click here.

At The Crossing, our Earn While You Learn Program helps prepare current and expecting parents with educational videos about parenting techniques and life skills. Participation earns “dollars” that can be redeemed for baby supplies and clothing from our Boutique and Pantry. This is an important opportunity to learn about appropriate child care that also empowers parents to provide for their families.

Are you concerned about the safety of children in your neighborhood? Contact us to find out what resources can help.