Sewing skills -- sowing skills

Think you have nothing to offer as a Crossing volunteer? Please think again.

Those real life skills and accomplishments you take for granted or simply consider fun could offer our young new mothers a lot: a little away time, a sense of accomplishment and a practical skill.

For example, here’s one special opportunity. On the second floor of our old Church school building there is a tiny room filled with fabric, cloth tape measures, scissors and batting. A couple of times a month it is also filled with accomplished women who have raised a family, navigated life and are skilled with a needle and thread. Think how valuable it is for a young mother to hear the casual conversation revealing value laden stories of day to day life, of hard but good choices, dreams deferred and family success along with the memories associated with each scrap of cloth.

All of that is part and parcel of the chatter that accompanies a group of people gathered to “quilt.” In addition, they'd learn to produce a family heirloom. In technical language, those women are practicing and celebrating the resilience learned in a loving family.

Yes, time was families did that. But times change and families right along with the times have changed; not always for the better. We know that their adverse childhood experiences have consequences for young people in their later lives. There are young women starting families, some of them alone, who would benefit from the lessons you learned from your family as they build theirs.

Teaching sewing skills might just mean you aresowing skills valuable to a young family working hard to build successful lives.

Have you got a hobby to share? Can you volunteer to work with our clients?

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