Endearing client stories....

Nicole tells us….

Manitowoc -- a small town I never imagined myself (a city girl) living in. But I’m so glad I’m here!

 After leaving an abusive relationship behind in Chicago, I was at a dead end. I knew I’d need help and resources to get by – for my daughter and myself – until I was able to get back on my feet. After leaving everything behind and coming here with only the clothes on our backs, I was desperately hoping for someone, a place, an organization or anything that could help us.

 In 2014 my sister introduced me to The Crossing. Ever since, my life has been improving. I needed a shoulder to lean on, to cry on, a place where I could work through the issues I was struggling with. And The Crossing came to my rescue. The caring, loving, genuine women at this safe place were there for me emotionally, spiritually and physically. They guided me toward the right path, helped me stay on track and stay strong – both for my daughter and myself.

 Finally, eventually, I did get back on my feet! I’m better than I have ever imagined. I found two jobs, got my first apartment, a car and am back in school.

 The Crossing is an uplifting service for families. They steer you in a positive direction that makes you want to strive for more. I’m sure they have touched so many hearts – especially mine. I’ve built many connections and relationships with wonderful staff members and other clients. There are so many interesting programs and activities not only for women but for families, too.  The Crossing is a happy, positive place of hope – I strongly encourage single parents or families who are struggling to look for help here.

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