An everyday need...

Clients come to our door in tremendous need.

One morning a young woman came in crying that her two-month-old had been placed in Child Protective Services. She felt devastated, condemned and alone. She asked for prayer, for help.

A pregnant teen complained, “Since my mother became involved with her new boyfriend, she hardly notices me and her boyfriend doesn’t like me being around. So, I’ve moved in with my boyfriend. At least his mother pays attention to me.”

Our programs are helping through counseling, relationship building programs and parent education programs like Earn While You Learn.

Jean’s husband is in jail. She is unemployed, a drug addict and mother of a six-month-old. She admits her life is a mess, she has no money and struggles to feed and diaper her baby. As we talked with her about programs and resources that could help, her eyes welled with tears and she asked, “Why are you being so nice to me?” 

These are not an usual story.  Real people in our community need help.  Can you volunteer?  Can you provide resources?  Don't be afraid to call on us for help or to call on us to volunteer.