STD testing

I need to know about STIs.

I need to know about STIs.

I know: it’s an epidemic.

And it’s affecting lots of teens. Just in the U.S. there are 20 million new cases each year, half among people aged 15-24. Compared to the total population, the incidence of chlamydia is five times higher, the incidence of gonorrhea is four times higher and the incidence of syphilis is three times higher. One in four new cases happens in teenagers.

I know: how STIs are transmitted.

STIs are communicated through sex. An STI is a sexually transmitted infections (or STD, sexually transmitted disease).  They can be spread through any contact between penis, vagina, mouth or anus, even if there is no penetration.

I know: most STIs don’t cause noticeable symptoms.

I probably can’t tell if I have an STI unless I get tested.

I know: how to protect myself from an STI.

The only truly effective way is to not have sex. If I’m sexually active, the best protection is to use condoms. Every time. For vaginal, oral or anal sex.

But I don’t know: how can I be sure I’m not infected?

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