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An open letter to our supporters....

We’d like to share a story from one of the almost 200 clients who visit us each month:

Margie, a pregnant high school junior, came in referred by her school.  She told us that her boyfriend was insisting she have an abortion.  Her parents told her if she continued to be with him she had to move out of their home.  She came to us for support.   Margie listened as we talked to her about abortion, adoption, and parenting.  She chose to move out of her parent’s home but also chose to keep her baby.  Now eight months later we continue to see Margie regularly, she is living back at home, working part time, finishing school, and her baby’s dad is enjoying spending time with his son.  She tells us how grateful she is for the love and support she receives at The Crossing, and says “I really don’t know what I would have done without you, my baby wouldn’t even be here.”

If you have supported The Crossing in the past....

Thank you! We are so grateful! Your participation in our ministry makes our life changing work with Margie and many others possible.

We’ve been blessed with significant changes, growth and expansion in the past two years. Our Medical clinic impacts the life choices of many young moms. Our HOME opens its doors to women who long to turn their lives around. Our Pregnancy Services Earn While You Learn Program nurtures stronger families.

If you would like to find out more about us....

We’d like to talk with you or meet you. We’ve set Tuesdays and Wednesdays through August as “Come and Visit” our Pregnancy Center location, 814 Washington. Please call to make an appointment 920.973.4357.

There's a lot that's happened in our ministries lately...

Our Medical Clinic welcomes patients at a new, more accessible location at 205 N. 8th St. Our free ultrasound exam provides pregnancy verification, but also gives moms a glimpse of their new baby; 80% of women who see their baby like this choose to continue their pregnancy.  A new program offers free STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing, addressing a serious disease increase in our county. Countless volunteer hours have made this new space welcoming and comfortable as well as financially efficient.

Our important Earn While You Learn Program helps prepare current and expecting parents with educational videos about prenatal development, infant health, parenting techniques and life skills. Participation earns “dollars” that can be redeemed for baby supplies and clothing from our Boutique and Pantry. Each month 200 clients pass through our doors, all with unique situations and needs that our staff seeks to meet, humbly and lovingly.

The Crossing HOME, A Place of New Beginnings, has been gifted for our use. Renovations and furnishings are complete – almost entirely due to volunteer work and donations. We have a director on staff and programs in place. Our purpose is to help dedicated, committed women break the cycle of generational poverty. 

Gifts of any size are always welcome....

A commitment to a monthly giving plan is especially encouraging to the children we see for it demonstrates ongoing support. We are a non-profit, 501c3 organization and gifts are tax deductible. This is what our client’s children say about the impact you can make:

                $50/month (covers 1 client visit) – “I love coming to The Crossing! I get to play with awesome toys, I get hugs and candy. My mom receives parenting education and resources, clothing and pantry supplies and sometimes counseling.”

                $250 gift (covers 1 ultrasound)– “I get to wave hello to my mommy when she sees my ultrasound pictures.”

                $2500 gift (covers 1 family a month)– “I can live with my mom in a beautiful home. We receive good food to eat and a safe place to stay. My mom takes part in education and programming to be the best mommy she can be to help us live in our own home someday”

To make a gift or increase your monthly gift, go to our "GIVE" page.

Volunteering and in-kind giving are helpful, too....

Our Clinic relocation and HOME renovations and furnishings were accomplished almost completely through volunteer help and donations. Our Earn While You Learn and Boutique programs are staffed almost entirely by volunteer client advocates.

Your group or organization could engineer a diaper drive or baby bottle/spare change collection for our programs. We prayerfully ask you to consider: “How can I make a difference?” Please “Come and Visit” us to find out more.