Be the best parent you can! Our programs provide the tools to tune up family relations and earn "dollars" to shop our Boutique.

Earn While You Learn helps prepare current and expecting parents with educational videos about prenatal development, infant health, parenting techniques and life skills. Participation earns “dollars” that can be redeemed for baby supplies and clothing from our Boutique and Pantry. 

We believe in empowering parents to care for their families. This program is designed to support and develop, as well as aid families in need.
— Belinda Esquinas, Center Director

Parents and Future Parents Love What They Learn:

The Earn While You Learn Program makes me feel really good about myself because as I learn to become a better parent I am able to provide for my children through The Crossing Boutique.
The Earn While You Learn program made it possible for me to stay in school, because I could get diapers and wipes and clothes for my child through boutique rewards.
As a teen mother, I struggled with the knowledge and finances needed to be a parent. When I heard about The Crossing and the programs they offered, I made an appointment. I watched parenting videos and talked with counselors about what I learned. I earned “Mommy money” to buy baby products in the boutique and supply. What I learned through these programs was a big help for my family. The confidence the advocates gave me put me back on track as a parent. The Crossing has given me a great gift — my family and I can enjoy each other.