This is a confusing, if not harrowing, life stage for teens and their families. Media influences propel kids into a sexualized, hook-up culture. Relationships have devolved to tweet, text and snapchat blips. Family communications struggle. So does education.

Schools, churches and organizations search for programs to support student and family efforts to address risky behaviors and promote healthy relationships. We have programs that can help. 

Our program material helps kids build a tool box of skills for healthy relationships, preparing them to make good choices: “Decide, Don’t Slide.” We’ll promote development of 

  • Skills: communication, self-esteem, boundaries
  • Focus: influences of media, family, friends
  • Goals: achieving future hopes and dreams

Material is adapted to the specific group and their needs and available at no charge.

Some of the materials/programs utilized include:

Real Essentials Curriculum


What Teachers Say:

You were open and honest and built trust with our students. I would highly recommend this program to any health teacher.
You weren’t afraid to approach subjects that are “touchy” and handled them delicately. You talked about sexual assault, teen pregnancy and healthy relationships with a balance that’s missing in popular media.
Our students had not thought through some of these topics and how they are all connected to their future. I loved that you both shared your personal stories and showed the impact on your path to where you are today.

What Students Are Saying About Our Programs:

I really like this class, it taught me a lot before I make a bad choice
I was not going to wait to have sex but now I will
Thank you, I learned more today about relationships than I have all my life


Contact Kris Annie Jacobs at or 920.973.4357

Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and You’ll learn to live freely and lightly.
Matthew 11.29-30