What People Say After Consulting and Visiting
The Crossing of Manitowoc

The Crossing is the only place I’m treated like an adult. I know the women I see really care about me.”
“I was in many foster homes as a child and this program is helping me to see what a normal family should be like.
I was referred to The Crossing by the Health Dept. three times before I finally found the courage to walk through the doors. I quickly realized that I wouldn’t be judged or misunderstood here. I am truly grateful for all I have learned and received from The Crossing.
— Natalie
I was just a teen. And pregnant. They told me I was too young to have a baby. That an abortion was the best way. It wasn’t a baby inside me, but just a blob of tissue. Later, when I was married, I had an ultrasound and I saw – my baby. I became depressed, anxious and angry over my previous abortion. The Crossing’s “Healing Effects” support group helped me work through my feelings, forgive myself and those who mislead me.
I was a teen mom, now I have teen girls of my own. I’m looking for ways to help encourage them to not become teen moms. They have friends who are happily pregnant.
More important than physical things, thank you so much for the love, faith, and support. These are the things that money can’t buy, the things that matter the most. My son and I are blessed for the impact you’ve had in our lives.
Recently I lost my baby to foster care. But, I’m meeting regularly with my counselor and other agencies. The Crossing has helped me gain confidence in myself, knowing I’m valuable as a person and able to become the wonderful mother that I want to be. The Crossing is the quiet place I can go when things are overwhelming, to have someone listen and help me get things on track, whether in my relationships or working on parenting and planning for a better future.
She was worried she was pregnant and how to take care of her unborn. We learned she was coerced by an adult boyfriend and her parents were unaware. She decided to continue to visit us to discuss sexual purity, freedom and ownership of her body. It turned out she wasn’t pregnant and we were able to help her talk to her parents and alert authorities about her situation. She says she is now on a path to healing.
— A Counselor

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