Financial and in-kind support

  • Financial donations – always needed. See the “GIVE” page on our website for direct giving or mail a check to  P. O. Box  2065, Manitowoc, WI 54221-2065.
  • Wish list – our needs are constantly changing, but currently we are in need of a reliable minivan, a 40-gallon hot  water heater, other….

Fundraising and Events

  • Fundraiser table hosts – provide critical support for our annual fundraiser by filling a table (10 guest) with friends interested in joining our ministry. Time: minimal.
  • Fundraiser – event coordination including planning/tracking invitations, organizing and encouraging table hosts, decorations and literature, prayer support. Time: flexible, short term.
  • Development luncheons – coordinate catering menu, tables/chairs setup and clean up for our (approximately) monthly luncheons. Time: 4 hours/month (not every month!)
  • Development luncheons Transportation– van to transport; serve/set up


  • Website development – the Medical Clinic and HOME of Restoration need “micro sites” – simple, one page websites that can be a “one stop” information source from links or search engines. Time: flexible.    
  • Graphics skills for Instagram poster development – create graphics utilizing client photos and creative content to augment Facebook, blog and promotional activity. Time: flexible.


  • Client advocates – training and mentoring provided. Time: 3 hours/week
  • School presenters – Training and thorough curriculum provided.
  • Clinic volunteer – Be a second person presence at the Medical Clinic Monday or Thursday afternoons 12-4pm. (A male volunteer on Mondays could enable us to provide STI testing to men.)


  • Organize diaper/boutique drives for your club or organization. Time: flexible.
  • Plan a Crossing speaker to visit your club, organization. Time: flexible

HOME, A place for new beginnings


Here are items on our wish list:

  • A gate that extends 47 inches
  • Gate enclosure in child area (we are looking for someone to build a gated enclosure)
  • We need someone to help us with ideas for privacy in the Dining room areas (french doors? pocket doors?)
  • Television to be hung on the wall
  • DVD or Blue Ray player
  • Outside play area (swings, play house, etc.)

Here are our current, most urgent needs:

  • Child care: This involves coming to The Crossing Home for a 2 hour increment and watching the resident’s children while the residents are involved in group programming at The Home. This would be a great opportunity for a mother daughter pair to serve together. It is also open to teens that have experience with childcare.
  • Transportation: This role involves providing periodic transportation on a case by case basis for residents who do not have a vehicle. The volunteer would need to provide their own vehicle, be at least 21 years of age, have a valid driver’s license and car insurance, and have some flexibility in their schedule.   
  • Volunteer support: This role may be 3 hours, an overnight, or a weekend; depending on your preference and our need. The volunteer support will provide general support to for the residents of The Crossing Home. Tasks they may participate in are cooking with the residents, arts and crafts, helping with homework, and simply being available if any needs arise. Must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Maintenance Care: We are looking for a few individuals who have some sort of maintenance experience and who would be willing to help with general maintenance of The Home as needs arise.
  • Landscaper/Snow Removal: Depending on the season we will need a team of individuals to call on to help with things such as snow removal, gardening, leave removal, and so on.
  • Meal drop off: From time to time we would like to have meals made and provided for residents. We are looking for individuals and/or groups who would be willing to cook and drop off a meal at The Home.

Here are ongoing donations of supplies that are always needed:

  • Dish Soap & Dishwasher Soap
  • Laundry Soap
  • Garbage bags
  • Hygiene Items; Shampoo, conditioner, multi-cultural hair products, hair picks or brushes, toothbrushes, hand or body soap, feminine hygiene products, body lotion, baby powder
  • Toilet paper and paper towel
  • Cleaning Supplies; bleach, multi-purpose cleaner, borax, carpet cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, Lysol, cleaning wipes, laundry soap/dryer sheets
  • Pantry Items
  • Health Snacks- popcorn kernels, granola bars, fruit snacks, crackers, yogurt, dried fruit, nuts,
  • Condiments; ketchup, mustard, salt, pepper, spices, flour, sugar, olive oil, butter, shortening
  • Coffee
  • Canned or Frozen Fruits &Vegetables
  • Frozen Meat
  • Cheese
  • Stamps
  • Gift Cards for Grocery Stores, Gas Stations, Wal-Mart, Movie Theater, Bowling Alley, etc.

If you have any donations or questions please contact Angie Bontempo by phone at 920-973-4358 or by email at angie.b@crossingmanitowoc.org